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More related to self-acceptance. See more. Addie on the Inside. James Howe.

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The Gang of Five is back in this third story from Paintbrush Falls. Addie Carle, the only girl in the group of friends is outspoken, opinionated, and sometimes…just a bit obnoxious.

Someday, Angeline

How can I be all that and still be true to the real me while everyone is saying: This is who you are. Carla's Sandwich. Debbie Herman. This charming story presents a new way for young children to understand how to creatively embrace who they are, no matter what others think. To Carla, they are delicious and creative lunches, but her teasing classmates are unconvinced and abandon her at the lunch table to eat her bizarre sandwiches alone. One day, however, tables turn when Buster—the worst tease of all—forgets his lunch on the day of the picnic and Carla thoughtfully offers him her extra sandwich.

Her own spirited nature helps Carla teach her classmates that "unusual" can actually be good. Lively illustrations help showcase the book's messages of acceptance, tolerance, individuality, and creativity, and the funny plot and authentic dialogue are sure to make this tale a favorite among elementary school children.

Carla's creative sandwich solutions provide young chefs-to-be with the inspiration to create sandwich masterpieces of their own.

Reasons to Be Happy. Katrina Kittle.

I was instantly swept away by Hannah's struggles and greatly inspired by her journey. This is a powerful book, and I recommend it for anyone who has ever worried about how to fit in. Dancing like an idiot when no one is watching What happened to the girl who wrote those things? The Garden of My Imaan.

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  5. Farhana Zia. In a series of letters to Allah she writes for a Sunday school project, Aliya explores her dreams and fears, hoping that with hard work and faith, something beautiful will grow in the garden of imaan—the small quiet place inside where belief unfolds, one petal at a time. This award-winning novel from author and educator Farhana Zia captures the social and identity struggles of middle school with a fresh, new voice. Prizefighter en Mi Casa.

    And now that a car accident has left her father paralyzed and her plagued with seizures, she is poor. He sends for El Jefe—the most revered prizefighter in Mexico. But El Jefe—a man who many see as a monster—only brings confusion to a home that is already filled with problems. And now Chula must decide for herself whether good and bad can reside in one person and whether you can have strength in your heart when your fists have none.


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    Similar ebooks. Dogs Don't Tell Jokes. Gary W. Boone knows he was born to be a stand-up comedian. But when an outrageous surprise threatens to turn his debut into a disaster, it looks as if the biggest joke of all may be on Gary himself. Julie Anne Peters. After a lifetime of being bullied, Daelyn is broken beyond repair. She has tried to kill herself before, and is determined to get it right this time. Though her parents think they can protect her, she finds a Web site for "completers" that seems made just for her.

    She blogs on its forums, purging her harrowing history. At her private Catholic school, the only person who interacts with her is a boy named Santana. She sat at the back of the room. She started to put her thumb in her mouth but caught herself. She was smart enough for the sixth grade. She was the smartest person in the class, but she still did dumb things like suck her thumb. She knew Mrs. Hardlick hated it when she sucked her thumb.

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    Sixth-graders are not supposed to suck their thumbs. She also cried too much for the sixth grade. Hardlick looked annoyed. Angeline lowered her hand.

    Someday Angeline

    Hardlick should have been mad at her for raising her hand. But in her mind she could hear Mrs. Angeline knew that was wrong. How could Columbus have discovered America when there were already lots of people here when he arrived? She knew that America was actually first discovered by the first snail to crawl out of water and onto land. It was something she knew before she was born. However, she tried to give both Mrs. Hardlick and Mr.

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    Columbus the benefit of the doubt. Have questions about eBooks? Check out our eBook FAQs. Nobody understands why Angeline is so smart. She could read the first time she picked up a book, she can play the piano without ever having had a lesson, and she even knows what the weather is going to be. But being smart is causing Angeline nothing but trouble.

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    The mean kids in school call her a freak, her teacher finds her troublesome, and even her own father doesn't know what to do with an eight-year-old girl who seems to be a genius. Angeline doesn't want to be either a genius or a freak. She just wants the chance to be herself and be happy. But it's only when she makes friends with a boy the kids call "Goon" and the teacher they call "Mr. Bone" that Angeline gets that chance. When Louis Sachar was going to school, his teachers always pronounced his name wrong.

    Sachar's first book, Sideways Stories from Wayside School, was accepted for publication during his first year of law school.