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Rounding Numbers - Rules & Examples For Fractions & Sums

For many, however, the advantages of multitrack year-round education are compromised by the disadvantages. For instance, lengthening the school year beyond days by using on-site classrooms is thwarted by the available-day limitations of each multitrack year-round education track.

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And offering mandatory remediation sessions, when all classrooms are used all year, is likewise a challenge. A district considering the implementation of multitrack year-round education must consider both its facility needs and its instructional objectives and then choose a course that provides each of its students with the maximum opportunity to learn. The ability of year-round education to relieve overcrowding has overshadowed its effectiveness as an educational strategy.

Yet there are, in fact, compelling reasons year-round education should be considered in its single-track form simply for its educational benefits, especially for at-risk students. Students with learning disadvantages may receive academic benefits. Student achievement scores improve when those students are attending year-round schools. For those students without intellectual stimulation, enrichment, or reinforcement during the summer, summertime can be intellectually detrimental.

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Also, summer school, the typical time for remediation in traditional calendar schools, is held just once a year. It is scheduled after the school year has been completed, which is often too late. Year-round calendars replace summer school with intersession those periods of shorter vacations that punctuate the instructional year. Because intersessions take place more frequently, remediation can occur in sequence, offering to help a student in a timely manner. Of course, there are other benefits associated with the year-round calendar: teacher and student stress are relieved by regular breaks throughout the year; vacation time can be used more creatively; and the curriculum can creatively incorporate seasonal learning.

Implementing a year-round education calendar has both facility and programmatic implications. In its multitrack and single-track forms, it can be an important strategy for ensuring that a district can deliver the best possible educational program.

Model is based on a school site with a capacity of students. A study of the feasibility to implement a multitrack year-round education program is no longer required by the School Facilities Program SB Substantial Enrollment Requirement SER certification is granted when one of the following conditions are met:. Substantial Enrollment waivers may be granted according to the policy of the State Allocation Board, 4 when:. If an applicant school district is unable to meet the "substantial enrollment" threshold but has students in multitrack year-round education, it qualifies for a reduced "substantial enrollment" augmentation to the school district's existing student capacity.

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Get practice composing functions. Page 1: Predicates and Logic. To review and get comfortable with predicates--reporter blocks that report Boolean values.

Round-Up 1 Teachers Book 3rd Edition (Round Up Grammar Practice)

Page 2: Composition of Functions Teacher's Choice. To practice composing reporter blocks with other reporter blocks. Page 3: Input Types Teacher's Choice. To introduce variable types.


Submit in whatever way your class uses a URL for a program containing two predicate blocks named horse1, and horse2, that each take three inputs of specified types: string, number, Boolean. They should implement the following logic in two different ways: If the Boolean is true, the number is even and the string has at least two vowels, then return true.

Otherwise return false. Analyze your code and explain in words why and in what ways one version is better than the other. Some vocabulary for you to use in context, not to require of students : A command is a single Lego-brick-shaped block, without its inputs. A reporter is a single oval-shaped block, without its inputs. A predicate is a single hexagonal block, without its inputs. An instruction is a command block along with its inputs or input expressions. An expression is a reporter block along with its inputs or input expressions.

A Boolean expression is a predicate block along with its inputs or input expressions. A Boolean value is or. Not the text strings "true" and "false"; not 0 and 1.


So a reporter or a predicate is a function; an expression is a function applied to input values often called "arguments". Mathematics Note: Predicates. In addition to predicting the output in problems 1 and 2, think about asking students to explain what the computer is doing when it calculates the output for each. Look for general principles like " and reports true if both of its inputs report true " and " or reports true if at least one of its inputs report true ". Also look for precise statements about when and and or report false.

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Jumping to formalities like "truth tables" won't be as effective as if students develop the rules for themselves. Mathematics Note: Round , Floor , and Ceiling. There are three related reporters that take any real number as input and return an integer related to the input: Round returns the integer closest to its input; if there's a tie like at 6. Floor returns the greatest integer less than or equal to its input.

Ceiling returns the smallest integer greater than or equal to its input. These statements can be confusing. One way to think about it is to imagine a number p caught between two integers on a number line: Here, p is between 8 and 9, closer to 8. So round p will return 8, and so will floor p.

get link But ceiling p will return 9.