Esoteric Astrology: A Treatise on the Seven Rays, Vol. 3

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Through dedicated and devoted service it brings the divine Plan into activity in the three worlds of human accomplishment. It is therefore related to the second aspect of the Spiritual Triad and is brought into functioning activity through meditation.

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It then controls and utilizes for its own spiritual ends the consecrated personality, via the illumined mind, referred to above. It is eternal in time and space.

Alice Bailey

The abstract mind. This reveals itself most completely under the influence of the first Ray of Will or Power, reflecting the higher aspect of the will of divinity or of the atmic principle; it summarizes in itself when fully developed the purpose of Deity, and thus becomes responsible for the emergence of the Plan.

It energizes the will petals until such time as the eternal life of the soul is absorbed into that which is neither transient nor eternal but which is endless, boundless and unknown. It is brought into conscious functioning through the building of the antahkarana. This fire, energized by love, has burnt out all personality qualities, leaving only a purified instrument, colored by the soul ray and no longer necessitating the existence of a soul body.

Master DK - Kalachakra & Shambhala

The personality has by this time completely Absorbed the soul, or to put it perhaps more accurately, both soul and personality have been fused and blended into one instrument for the use of the One Life. This is but a picture or a symbolic use of words in order to express the unifying goal of material and spiritual evolution, as it is carried to its conclusion — for this world cycle — through the development of the three aspects of mind upon the mental plane. The cosmic implications will not be lost to you, but it profits us not to dwell upon them.

As this process is carried forward, three great aspects of divine manifestation emerge upon the theatre of world life and on the physical plane. These are Humanity, the Hierarchy and Shamballa. Humanity is already the dominant kingdom in nature; the fact of the Hierarchy and of its imminent approach into physical appearance is becoming well known to hundreds of thousands of people today.

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Its recognized appearance will later set the stage for the needed preparatory phases which will finally lead to the exoteric rule of the Lord of the World, emerging from His aeonial seclusion in Shamballa, and coming forth into outer expression at the end of this world cycle. Here is the vast and necessary picture, presented in order to give reason and power to the next stage of human evolution. The period covered by the conscious building of the antahkarana is that from the final stages of the Path of Probation to the third initiation.

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In considering this process it is necessary, in the early stages, to recognize the three aspects of the mind as they express themselves upon the mental plane and produce the varying states of consciousness upon that plane. It is interesting here to note that, having reached the developed human stage integrated, aspiring, oriented and devoted , the man stands firmly upon the lower levels of that mental plane; he is then faced by the seven subplanes of that plane with their corresponding states of consciousness.

He is therefore entering upon a new cycle where — this time equipped with full self-consciousness — he has seven states of mental awareness to develop; these are all innate or inherent in him, and all when mastered lead to one or other of the seven major initiations. Lower mental awareness. The development of true mental perception. Soul awareness or soul perception. This is not the perception of the soul by the personality, but the registering of that which the soul perceives by the soul itself.

This is later registered by the lower mind. This soul perception is, therefore, the reversal of the usual attitude of mind. Higher abstract awareness. The unfoldment of the intuition and the recognition of intuitive process by the lower mind. Persistent, conscious, spiritual awareness. This is the full consciousness of the buddhic or intuitional level. This is the perceptive consciousness which is the outstanding characteristic of the Hierarchy.

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The life focus of the man shifts to the buddhic plane. This is the fourth or middle state of consciousness. The consciousness of the spiritual will as it is expressed and experienced upon atmic levels or upon the third plane of divine manifestation. There is little that I can say about this condition of awareness; its state of nirvanic awareness can mean but little to the average disciple. The inclusive awareness of the Monad upon its own plane, the second plane of our planetary and solar life.

Divine consciousness. This is the awareness of the whole on the highest plane of our planetary manifestation. This is also an aspect of solar awareness upon the same plane. It is a fundamental law in this solar system, and therefore in our planetary life experience, that the substance through which divinity in time and space expresses itself is karmically conditioned; it is impregnated by those qualities and aspects which are the product of earlier manifestations of that Being in Whom we live and move and have our being.

This is the basic fact lying behind the expression of that Trinity or Triad of Aspects with which all the world religions have made us familiar. This trinity is as follows:.

A Treatise on the Seven Rays: Esoteric Psychology. Volume One

Utilizes the consciousness thread:. The mental plane which must be bridged is like a great stream of consciousness or of conscious substance, and across this stream the antahkarana must be constructed. This is the concept which lies behind this teaching and behind the symbolism of the Path. Before a man can tread the Path, he must become that Path himself. Out of the substance of his own life he must construct this rainbow bridge, this Lighted Way. He spins it and anchors it as a spider spins a thread along which it can travel.

Each of his three divine aspects contributes to that bridge, and the time of this building is indicated when his lower nature is:. Becoming oriented, regulated and creative. Recognizing and reacting to soul contact and control. Sensitive to the first impression of the Monad. This sensitivity is indicated where there is:. Unfoldment of the inner spiritual will, overcoming all obstacles. Cooperation with the purpose of the Hierarchy, the interpreting will of God as expressed in love. They are there to be found expressing themselves in substance:.

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  5. The highest aspect of the form nature. The reflection of atma, the spiritual will. The middle principle. The reflection in mental substance of the Monad. The reflection of the divine nature. Intuitive love, understanding, inclusiveness. There are necessarily other arrangements of these aspects in manifestation, but the above will serve to indicate the relation of Monad-soul-personality as they express themselves through certain focused stations or points of power upon the mental plane. In humanity, however, the major realization to be grasped at the present point in human evolution is the need to relate — consciously and effectively — the spiritual Triad, the soul on its own plane and the personality in its threefold nature.

    This is done through the creative work of the personality, the magnetic power of the Triad, and the conscious activity of the soul, utilizing the triple thread. You can see, therefore, why so much emphasis is laid by esotericists upon fusion, unity or blending; only when this is intelligently realized can the disciple begin to weave the threads into a bridge of light which eventually becomes the Lighted Way across which he can pass into the higher worlds of being.

    Thus he liberates himself from the three worlds. It is — in this world cycle — pre-eminently a question of fusion and expressing in full waking awareness three major states of consciousness:. The Shamballa Consciousness. Awareness of the unity and purpose of Life. Recognition and cooperation with the Plan. The Hierarchical Consciousness. Awareness of the Self, the Soul. Recognition and cooperation with divinity. Awareness of the soul within the form. Recognition and cooperation with the soul. The influence of the consecrated personality.

    The man who finally builds the antahkarana across the mental plane connects or relates these three divine aspects, so that progressively at each initiation they are more closely fused into one divine expression in full and radiant manifestation. Putting it in other words, the disciple treads the path of return, builds the antahkarana, crosses the Lighted Way, and achieves the freedom of the Path of Life. One of the points which it is essential that students should grasp is the deeply esoteric fact that this antahkarana is built through the medium of a conscious effort within consciousness itself, and not just by attempting to be good, or to express goodwill, or to demonstrate the qualities of unselfishness and high aspiration.

    Many esotericists seem to regard the treading of the Path as the conscious effort to overcome the lower nature and to express life in terms of right living and thinking, love and intelligent understanding. It is all that, but it is something far more. Good character and good spiritual aspiration are basic essentials.