Depression, War, and Cold War: Studies in Political Economy

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Roosevelt and his "New Dealers.

In chapter two, Higgs shows how current relationships between the federal government and private arms contractors originated in the rearmament period prior to World War II. Rearmament policies were designed to encourage the estranged business community to hastily invest in the war effort.

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Strategic Studies Institute of the U. Vaubel R A public choice approach to international organization. Vaubel R The case for international competition among economic policy makers. Economic Affairs Higgs, Robert. New York: Oxford University Press, Hummel, Jeffrey Rogers. Chicago: Open Court, Leebaert, Derek. Boston: Little, Brown, Mises, Ludwig von. Porter, Bruce D. New York: Free Press, Rothbard, Murray N. Van Creveld, Martin. The Rise and Decline of the State. New York: Cambridge University Press, Originally published August 15, Collectivism advocates state control over the economy and civil society.

Philosophically, collectivism resembles socialism and opposes individualism. American foreign policy has operated on an interventionist platform for many decades. This approach does more harm than help to America and its allies. Many nations have built themselves into empires. American imperalism has often been presented as a debate between values and territorial expansion.

In this entry, Robert Higgs outlines public opinion of war throughout American history and the stances the government took to anti-war sentiment. Acton, Lord Adams, John Aquinas, Thomas c. Aristotle BC. Bauer, Peter Becker, Gary S.

Depression, war, and Cold War: studies in political economy. | Awards & Grants

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‘The Myth of War Prosperity’, Lecture by Robert Higgs

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