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Tell us about this example sentence:. This is a good example of how the word is used. The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. The sentence contains offensive content.

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B1 any large or small living thing that can move independently :. Rainforests are filled with amazing creatures. Don't all living creatures have certain rights?

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Blue whales are the largest creatures ever to have lived. The unicorn is a mythical creature. The film was about creatures from outer space.

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The duck-billed platypus is a truly bizarre creature. The unicorn is a fabulous creature. Strangely, no one believed us when we told them we'd been visited by a creature from Mars. We saw many creatures of the forest. His book examines the symbolism of many mythical creatures.

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The log was home to all sorts of little creatures. People in general. A creature can be a person when an opinion is being expressed about them:.

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It seems clear to me that people are creatures of emotion. Idiom creature of habit. Examples of creature. The front cover is graced by a group of indisputably bird-like creatures. American Physical Society. American Meteorological Society. The Biophysical Society.

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Reliable news for an expanding universe. Search form Search. Shocking Find! Before the events of the novel IT, IT the creature has already awoken several times to create destruction, cause panic, and feed. IT often would possess others to murder the people dwelling in Derry.

When the novel begins, IT awakens and finds its first new victim: George Denbrough. In retaliation, George's brother Bill and his six friends in The Loser's Club go to its lair to kill IT, but just end up badly wounding IT and forcing its retreat into hibernation.

Twenty-seven years later, IT returns determined to kill the seven Losers. However, determined to finish the creature once and for all, five of The Losers Mike is injured travel into its lair again.